stencil applicators


Roll-A-Stencil Systems/Brushes/Rollers
Stencil roller and pad systems are designed for the application of high quality stenciled impressions at an economical cost. Perfectly suited for stenciling on metal drums, pipes, wood, glass, stretch wrap, corrugated, etc. with fast drying non-porous stencil inks.

Stencil Applicators:

MS0313    3” Stencil Roller Unit
MS0311    1.5” Stencil Roller Unit
MS0327    3” Wood Core Replacement Roller
MS0329    1.5” Wood Core Replacement Roller
MS0306    3” Stencil Roller Frame Only
MS0308    1.5” Stencil Roller Frame Only
MS0050    Roller Ink Pad

Stencil Brushes:

MS-4    #4 Stencil Brush
MS-6    #6 Stencil Brush
MS-8    #8 Stencil Brush
MS-10    #10 Stencil Brush
MS-14    #14 Stencil Brush

Fountain Products:

MS-RPT    Replacement Tip for Fountain Brush
MS6000    Fountain Roller Unit with Refillable Cartridge (no ink)
MS0328    3” Replacement Roller for Fountain Roller Unit