stencil machines

Stencil Machines

Equipment for Making Stencils
We offer a range of manual and electronic stencil machines to provide you with a solution to make stencils yourself!

The Manual Stencil Cutter Machines are a quick, cost-effective way to mark products for shipments or to identify plant areas.  They are also great for creating directional signs.

Standard Machine Character Size Options:
     1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” text height

*Ask about our Stencil Machine Kit to get started.  Stencil machine kits contain a stencil machine, 3” Oneshot Assembly, a Black Oneshot Cartridge and stencil board.

The SC-5 Electronic Stencil Machine is the most advanced stencil system and is also a great value at a price less than a large character manual stencil machine. This versatile machine allows you to cut characters in a wide range of sizes, plus you'll enjoy the benefits of a unique knife-saving technology, extra-wide 29” bed, and easy to use keypad. Cuts stencil board, heavy-duty polyester, magnetic vinyl, and white polyethylene film (Ultra Cut). Stencil-Cad Basic 8.0 software offers a 'WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) screen and features hundreds of fonts and imports files from many Windows-based programs.

*Computer not included.